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LG CNS Healthcare Solutions' approach starts with the patient, and surrounds them with smart technologies, processes, and people. When optimized, providers are well positioned to make a powerful difference. With the power of information at their fingertips to constantly improve, healthcare professionals see more, personalize more, measure more, and impact more … to make a difference in the life of every patient served. 

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About LG CNS Healthcare Solutions

Founded in 2011, LG CNS Healthcare Solutions (aka Collain) is headquartered in Georgetown, TX. Led by a physician, the leadership team is comprised of experts with deep knowledge across the continuum of care.

LG CNS Healthcare Solutions helps providers succeed in today’s complex healthcare environment. Using state-of-the-art smart technology, providers achieve the operational and population health outcomes necessary to gain a competitive advantage. Intuitive EHR, virtual care, interoperability, and business intelligence solutions make it a reality. Life’s Better with LG CNS Healthcare Solutions.

LG CNS Healthcare Solutions
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About LG CNS 

LG CNS and its 9,000 IT professionals have been providing superior IT services to more than 5,000 satisfied private and public enterprise clients around the world since 1987.

Dedicated to clients' growth, LG CNS provides expertise on front-end consulting and IT services for reliable system and network integration, e-business, e-outsourcing and other industry specific solutions.

Known as an outstanding IT services provider in China and Southeast Asia, especially for public services systems, LG CNS is servicing global clients in the United States and European countries, with seven subsidiaries and R&D Centers in China, India, US, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil and Japan. Since its inception in 1987, LG CNS has attained an impressive 33% CAGR, nearly doubling sales every two years. Helping clients address their business issues and maximize productivity and work efficiency through in-depth solutions, LG CNS is the first provider offering clients the most innovative solutions and services to multiply their value for years to come.

About LG

LG wants to make people's lives richer, easier, and better.

Our goal is to put a smile on all our consumers’ faces. “Smart technology” enables consumers to do things more easily and experience things more pleasurably. Consumers expect LG’s products to contain the world’s most advanced technology, and that our hardware and software have been perfected. In addition, they expect LG products to work in ways that are simple yet smart.

Our Business

By launching a holding company in 2003, LG streamlined its business fields into electronics, chemicals, and Telecommunications & Services. In each domain, we continue to bolster our professionalism and create value for our customers.


In 2005, LG proclaimed the ‘LG Way’ the foundation for our employees’ way of thinking and code of conduct, and we are developing the LG Way into our unique culture. On the basis of our management philosophy of “creating value for customers” and “respecting human dignity”, LG Way aims to achieve the goal of being “No. 1 LG” through “Jeong-Do Management” that embraces LG’s code of conduct of competing fairly.


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Providing the most advanced health information technology platform
created from the ground up with real end users while focusing on the future of healthcare.