Life's Better when data flows easily.

While some providers operate stand-alone, others are expected to be fully transparent and share electronic health records, claims data, and detailed information for smooth transitions across care settings.  

Because LG CNS has developed an ONC Certified Acute Care Hospital EHR and LTPAC EHR, you benefit from unmatched experience with interoperability across the entire healthcare spectrum.  As a result, the LG CNS smart solution you use across the continuum was created for Meaningful Use Stage 4 interoperability, vs. legacy software that requires months of patches and years to complete.

  • Workflows involving pharmacy orders, laboratory results, or radiology images are right in each patient record - in real time - as care decisions are being made. No digging in separate file folders.

  • Data shared with hospital partners is standards based, allowing you to put it to use faster as care transitions are made. As you assess patients, you'll have a richer picture of the patient at your fingertips, eliminating guesswork.

  • With some systems, interoperability is nothing more than a sharing of electronic forms. With LG CNS, all possible data points map to the right spot on the patient record. So you don't have to remember where the system puts things - the system will serve you data in the right workflow.


Of all the systems we’ve used, nothing matches our workflows like this one … saving hours of work.

- Director of Clinical Information Technology, LG CNS Multi-State Client


Simplicity and ease of use result in end user adoption at its highest level.


Instant access to information without chasing down paper trails results in faster decisions and improved care.

Reduced Training

Workflows addressing today's realities in healthcare create efficiencies quickly.


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